Loren Crisp


Through the influence and teaching of his parents, Loren trusted Christ to save him at an early age and desired to live for Him. God deepened Loren's understanding of salvation during his undergraduate years. This taught Loren that the foundation of his faith cannot be himself, but Christ alone. Now, Jesus is his entire hope. He married his wife Heidi in 2014, shortly before moving to Indiana, and they now have three children. God called Loren to be an elder through a growing desire and enjoyment of teaching God’s Word and discipling others. This call was confirmed and assisted as the elders followed Grace Bible Church's model of raising up leaders from within the congregation.

What is your hope for Grace Bible Church?

"To see each member at our church use their gifts for one another so that we are constantly growing up into Christ Jesus, our Savior, and publishing him to the world."

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