Connect to the World

Why it’s important: 

Our ongoing discipleship process seems to result in bringing others into this same discipleship making process as we scatter into the world to make disciples. 

We connect to the world through missional partnerships as we scatter to participate in the work of the gospel together and with other ministries.While we recognize that every believer should be “going and making disciples” as individual believers in their own community, we believe this is not to exclude the collective opportunity we have as a church to partner with missionaries and church planters in other parts of the world; while also partnering with local church planters and outreach opportunities in our own communities.

How it happens at Grace Bible Church:

When it comes to global partnerships, we currently partner with church planters in Guyana South America and Togo Africa; and when it comes to local partnerships we are prayerfully pursuing how God might lead us to partner with other local churches to church plant here in Johnson County.  In addition to local church planting partnerships, we encourage God’s people to also engage in other local ministries which share and show the love of Christ in our community.