Why it’s important: 

Our discipleship begins with connecting to God.

Because sin has destroyed man's relationship with God, our greatest need is to be restored into right relationship with God again. This need is not accomplished through our work but through the work of Jesus Christ. The gospel shows us God's love in that while we were yet sinners God became the man Jesus, lived a perfect life, conquered sin through his death on the cross, and conquered death through his resurrection. This is incredibly good news because those who trust in Jesus' and His relationship-restoring work become a child of God, and receives eternal life. 

We receive this gospel of Jesus Christ in faith, and God has called us to be continually reminded of this gospel. 

How it happens at Grace Bible Church:

Each Lord's day we gather as the body of Christ to connect to God through corporate worship as we receive and participate in his character, plans, and purposes. All portions of the worship service, the music, preaching, scripture reading, prayer, and ordinances all serve to connect Grace Bible Church to God. 

Our ongoing discipleship continues as we connect to one another within the body of Christ.