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Sep 30, 2018

Pharaoh's Frustration

Passage: Exodus 1:1-22

Preacher: Pete Helland

Series: A Study Through Exodus

Category: Sermon


Our series through the book of Exodus draws attention to the glorious truth that the God of the Bible is the God of redemption, setting free, not only the covenant-people of historical Israel, but all those today seeking to be free from their bondage to sin and death. In this wonderful book, we read how God made a nation of former slaves, even as today He is making an even greater nation of those who were once slaves to sin but who have found freedom and forgiveness in their heavenly Redeemer and Deliverer, the Lord Jesus Christ. How helpful it can be to every believer who looks into this marvelous book and learns anew the truth that our God is mighty to save, compassionate in heart, and faithful to every promise he has made to those who truly know Him!