Believing that our primary mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ (helping others come to Christ, and become like Christ), Grace Bible Church finds that the collective body is made up of gifted individuals who can carry out this responsibility with God's enablement through involvement in various ministries, both within our church family and as our church family ministers outside of the church in the community.

When it comes to ministering within our church family to become more like Christ - the primary way we believe we become like Christ is through the ministry of the Word. So, while we come together on the Lord's day to exalt the Lord, one of the primary ways we exalt Him is through learning about Him in the teaching and reception of the Word.

Practically speaking, while some ministries such as weekly Grace Groups experience the integration of all ages, we recognize that there is spiritual profit in having like-ages gather together.  This is why we have age-appropriate Adult Bible Institute (ABI) for adults and Sunday School classes for nursery, 2/3's, 4/5's, 1-3rd, 4-6th, and teens.

A number of other activities, including those of men and ladies Bible studies, Grace Groups, etc. exist throughout the week for the spiritual development and enrichment of believers' lives.

For more specific information regarding these, please contact us.

When it comes to ministering outside of our church family in helping others come to Christ - Some churches call this "missions"; we believe God has called every believer to be about this vital task in their personal circle of influence as well as in all walks of life.  Rather than Christians coming to an organization on Sunday and simply giving and calling that "missions", we believe the example in Scriptures is individuals which make up the collective church share the love of Christ in word and deed throughout their life.  Having said that though, we do feel led by God share our resources to support ministries in other regions. 

Grace Bible Church also envisions being a church which plants other churches so that the work of making disciples can be broadened in an even greater way.  This vision takes in our immediate locale, our nation, and even other nations in the world.  We carry out this mission by partnering with the ministries of those who are called of God to be specially called out missionaries.