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We understand you want to know more about who we are and what we do. Following are some helpful links to answer some of your questions. You are also encouraged to write or even better, come visit us on a Sunday morning to see what we are really all about.


Why we exist as a church

Our Mission

We believe God has clearly revealed in His Word (Matthew 28:18-20) that our mission is to be about "making disciples".  We do this by helping unbelievers come to Christ (Justification), and by helping believers become more like Christ (Sanctification).  God's people are to individually be doing this in their home, in the "church" and in the world. 

Grace Bible Church, collectively does this by purposing to be a church planting church. As God wills, we look forward to the day when GBC plants another church.  We collectively carry out this mission by joining in the ministries of other foreign missionaries.  We believe in supporting fewer missionaries with more support; which is why right now the missionary we support is Andy Girwanauth (Guyana, South America). And we also collectively carry out this mission with various outreach ministries in our community.


What we believe

Statement of Faith

There is probably nothing more important when it comes to the church than what it believes; which is why it is important for the church to base its beliefs upon the Word of God. 

While we know God's Word is infallible, man's interpretation and understanding of it is not.  But by God's Spirit, and a proper interpretation, we have assembled some core beliefs which we call our statement of faith.

The GBC Statement of Faith is here.


How we came into being

Church History

In the Spring of 2004, a group of families, out of a desire to be obedient to the Scriptures, felt led by God to plant Grace Bible Church.  As we began to grow, the body went from meeting in a home, to meeting in a local elementary school, then in 2008 purchasing a building where we could practically and conveniently accomodate our growth.  While we are thankful for the numerical growth, we are more grateful for the apparent spiritual growth which we have experience in our body.


How we are led



How our needs are met within the church


while we believe that a mark of a believer is "servanthood"; we also believe that god desire's that his organism, called the local church, be organized with "official servants"(acts 6:1-8; i tim.3:8-13).  so, as needs arise from within the body, servants are appointed to serve god by serving the body in taking oversight of those specific areas of need:

Babs Hull

food coordinator

(for events at the building)

Gabriele Johansen

food coordinator

(for events away from the building)

Cheryl Littlejohn


Kenneth McKinzie


Ursula Philips

children's coordinator

Leslie Scott

interior designer / decorator 

To see how we govern our body


While we acknowlege that we don't have the "corner on the market" on church polity, we do believe that God's Word clearly reveals how the body of Christ should be organized.  View the GBC By-Laws.


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